We have a range of tutoring services to suit you. 

One on one tutoring:

 Available in-home or in other suitable locations (eg. Coffee shop, Library, University). Our friendly and professional tutors have a passion for helping students reach their academic potential. We have a excellent understanding of subject content and course requirements. We use proven learning techniques to enrich every students learning experience, and we cater to the needs of each individual. 

Group tutoring:

We offer an exciting range of subjects for group tuition, catering to high school and university students. The sessions are split into subjects and year levels. Contact us for information about the upcoming sessions, and like our "Connect Tutoring" Facebook page to receive updates on the sessions.

We provide a structured program that helps students with:

  • Subject content – we answer specific questions from students.
  • Study skills and habits – we help students make the most of their style of learning.
  • Confidence – students need to believe they can succeed in their studies, and we help students feel intellectually independent.
  • Organisation – we provide students with advice on how to stay organised, and how to make the most of their allocated study times.

We provide help and support for every student, and allow students to help each other. Students can discuss their learning techniques and study skills with the help of a professional tutor. Students get an understanding of the difficulties that other students face and how they are tackling the subject.

Group tutoring sessions allow students to develop their learning skills in a team environment. Students learn how to work effectively in pairs and small groups, and how to focus on ideas that they did not think of to start with. Learning how to adapt to a different situation and problem solving method is a skill we focus on.

We encourage all students to seek private tuition for extended individualised attention, but group tuition is beneficial to gauge how other students are handling the workload.

How does a group tutoring session usually run?

We ask students what they would like to focus on. Some common questions include:

  • How do I concentrate in a lecture/class?
  • What are some good learning techniques?
  • How do I keep organised?
  • How do I take notes in a lecture/class?
  • How important are my grades?
  • How do I take notes from a book?
  • How can I make the most out of my study time?
  • How do I plan my week properly?
  • How do I plan my term properly?
  • How do I plan a project carefully?
  • What is a reading list and how do I make the most of them?
  • What is the best way to understand and remember subject content?
  • Why take notes?
  • Should I record lectures?
  • How do I use diagrams and patterns?
  • How do I write an essay?

We can help with all of your questions!

We set up our group tutoring sessions in different ways.  Some common structures include:

  • Pairing up students to discuss their arguments and ideas.
  • Connect 4 Groups, where students have a structured discussion in groups of four, in which they discuss and deal with a certain problem.
  • Connect the room, where we arrange the group so that every student has the opportunity to contribute.
  • Connect the dots, where we provide students with a problem, and they come up with their own individualised ideas and methods for solving the problem. We then pair up students and eventually form larger groups. This allows students to learn how to work as a team, present their own ideas, and how to adapt ideas to suit the problem.

Private and group tuition complement each other, and provide students with the opportunity to have individualised help, as well as learn how to work as a team, help other students, and learn from each other!

Classroom Presentations

We offer group mentoring to students, and this is organised with schools and universities across Adelaide.  We speak to students in the classroom environment about the importance of time management, study skills and confidence. 

Examination preparation programs:

Exams can be a stressful time of year. We teach you how to adjust your study habits to help you excel in your exams. We cater to each individual, and explain the proven strategies we recommend to excel in your examinations in high school and university. 

Scholarship preparation programs:

We help students prepare for scholarship interviews and the tests associated with scholarship applications. These programs are run by students who have achieved academic scholarships.

Test preparation programs:

Every test you face can be challenging. We offer support through helping students understand the best ways to prepare for a test, and understand how a test can be used to prepare you for your final examinations.

Essay writing programs:

Do you struggle with your essay writing? Our English tutors excelled in Year 12 English Studies, and have furthered their education in literature. We can help you structure your essays, and understand how to explain your ideas clearly.