Our tutors pride themselves on being effective and professional. The price of tutoring will vary depending on:

  • The session duration
  • The location of tutoring
  • Regularity of sessions
  • Tutor qualifications

We have a range of tutors available to you across Adelaide! This allows you to have the option of receiving tutoring in-home or in other convenient locations.

Pricing (one-on-one tutoring):

Year 7-11 - Hourly rate of private tutoring:  From $37.50

Year 12 - Hourly rate of private tutoring: From $40.00

Tertiary - Hourly rate of private tutoring: From $40.00

Pricing (group tutoring)

'Buddy Up!' campaign - $25.0 per hour per student when 2 or more students receive tutoring together at the same time.